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Dr. Kathy Stepien

The Anti-Burnout Coach for Women Physicians

Hi! I’m a board-certified Pediatrician, Director of the Institute for Physician Wellness, Certified Coach, and super mom to two teenage boys.

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Dr. Kathy Stepien

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about Dr Kathy Stepien

Who am I?

I am all about physician wellness.

Like you, I wear a lot of hats and know what it is like to have a lot going on. You will find I have a very grounded approach, blending teachings from my broad background and coach certification.

In 2016, I founded The Institute for Physician Wellness to bring women physicians together to learn, heal, grow and connect. Since then, my team and I have supported thousands of physicians across the US and Canada on their path to well-being.

My first career was in Physical Therapy, which I practiced for 13 years prior to entering Medicine. My curious brain led me to graduate school in Philosophy. I have studied mind-body health and various mindfulness practices for over 30 years. Most recently, I have enjoyed mindfulness teacher training with leaders in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC).