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How would it feel to live each day in alignment with what matters most? You have the power to choose. Always. It’s time to love your life. In and outside of Medicine!

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Kathy Stepien, MD

The Anti-Burnout Coach for Women Physicians

Hi! I’m a board-certified Pediatrician, Director of the Institute for Physician Wellness, Certified Coach, and a pretty okay mom to two teenage boys.

Every day, I meet physicians who are struggling, feeling stuck, or burned out.

Many physicians tell me they went into medicine to help people and to make a difference but instead find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed, and quietly wondering how many more years they can keep it up.

Some physicians tell me they feel constantly behind with their “to do” lists at work and at home, and that there is never enough time or energy to possibly catch up. Worse yet, they feel inadequate or somehow broken for not being able to do it all.

Others tell me the career choice they made in their 20’s no longer resonates with their values, priorities and interests in their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond.

Some want to stay in Medicine while others are beginning to wonder “what is next for me?”

I help women physicians find their way forward.

It’s possible to move beyond the exhaustion, overwhelm, uncertainty or heavy stuckness.

Into clarity, joy, empowerment, and thriving.

To embrace the power of your mind and body to transform from the inside out.

As the full author of your life.

To uplevel your relationship with yourself and everyone in your life.

And open your heart with ease and joy to what is next.

Most importantly, you identify and reconnect with core values, interests, and priorities at this stage of life.

So that you are living in alignment with what really matters.

So that the life you create is a life well-lived.

Three ways we can get started together


Coaching is an essential part of every physician’s personal and professional development. Join The Anti-Burnout Program for Women Physicians to get the support, knowledge and skills you need to navigate a life in and outside of medicine.


Connect. Recharge. Learn. Grow. Rest. Transform. Our premiere Physician Wellness retreats change the lives of our participants. You do so much for others.
Who is taking care of YOU?


Become a leader in your organization with our Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) Certification. This six-week immersive course helps you expand your impact as a leader in physician wellness initiatives.

Are you ready for change?

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Here is your invitation to slow down and reflect. It’s time to break free of feeling stressed, stuck or exhausted. Break free of overwhelm, uncertainty and “never enough.” It’s time to live in alignment with what matters most to you. Develop the knowledge and skills needed to create a life well-lived. In and outside of Medicine.

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