She Thrives MD Continuity Program

She Thrives, MD
Continuity Program

With Dr. Kathy Stepien

The Next Level Program for Women Physicians

Are you a recent graduate of the Anti-Burnout Program for Women Physicians? 

Are you looking for some ongoing support and community as you continue to make changes for your well-being? 

An opportunity to help keep you on track at a gentle pace that works with our busy physician schedules? 

Join our She Thrives, MD Continuity Program!

Get additional support for your ongoing personal and professional development.

This exclusive opportunity is designed for physicians who have completed the Anti-Burnout Program for Women Physicians and are ready to keep going. 

She Thrives, MD Continuity Program is a perfect balance of individual and small group coaching at a gentle pace, spread out over 6 months. 

With my inner-circle community that you can count on as you take what you have learned and apply it over time.

You will get

Evidence-based content + live support+ tailored attention

interactive classes

Full Access to the Anti-Burnout Program for Women Physicians

An additional 6 months of full access to our foundational program including all its features: classes, group coaching, guest speakers, recordings, exclusive FB community, and CME galore! 

bonus speaker & content

Individual Coaching Calls with Kathy Stepien, MD

Individual Coaching Calls where we have the privacy and confidentiality you need to tackle any sticky situation that you are facing. Schedule your 6 individual sessions at any time during the 6 month program. 

Sign up now to get the coaching and support you deserve!