About Us

The Institute for Physician Wellness gets you closer to the things that matter—joy in your work, balance at home, a life well-lived.

We understand that physician wellness is not optional; it is a necessary condition to being an excellent physician.

Though our workshops, retreats, and consultations, we support attending physicians in North American and beyond. In addition, our educational initiatives and outreach to physicians in training nurture a healthier future for all.

Kathy Stepien, MD, FAAP: Dr. Stepien is the founding director of The Institute for Physician Wellness, LLC. Her story is similar to many physicians—valuing excellent medical care, integrity, hard work and compassion while working within a broken medical system. She is convinced that a life so fortunate to juggle a career in medicine with motherhood comes with a responsibility to live it in a healthy way. She is committed to supporting physician wellness, and in doing so, benefiting physicians as well as their patients.

Dr. Stepien is a board-certified pediatrician in active practice. She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and practiced physical therapy for 13 years prior to entering medicine. She draws on these broad experiences as she teaches physician wellness, self-compassion, and mindfulness in medicine. Dr. Stepien lectures internationally and has published research and essays in the medical literature as well as in the popular press.

“Exceptional! Highly recommend.”
-- 2016 Retreat Participant

“Inspiring weekend with an incredible group of people. Loved the diversity of specialties.”
-- 2016 Retreat Participant

"I've learned skills that can help my marriage and improve my patient care." --2017 Couples Workshop Participant

"Life-changing. All physicians should learn about self-compassion. This will make me a better physician." --2018 Workshop Participant